Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh Drat!

Remember that I spent some hours yesterday frogging the neckline on this sweater, so that the ribbing is tighter? And was so careful to save the portion of the collar that is already done? I was knitting away on it today, and realized there is a cable crossing some rows back that went the wrong way. sigh I whimpered, and put it away. I will finish the collar (hey, it is attached again!) and, when the collar is finished, I'll cut that offending cable where the cross goes the wrong way, repair it, and graft it back together again. SO much better than frogging that many rows!

I commented to Howard today that it is funny, when I think I'm making a mistake, but keep going because I don't want to frog it, I rue it later. It takes so much more time and effort to fix the repair later, when more is knit, than if I'd fix it when I first realize there may be a problem. This seems to be a problem over and over again. WHEN will I learn to trust my instincts on thsi! whine He said, and I quote, "I refuse to comment." LOL

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Margaret at Heritage Yarns said...

Mary, I just did this same thing weaving a scarf a few minutes ago. Said to myself that I would keep going. Well, you know that I can't live with that. I would see that treadling error from now on! But, I will not tackle it this evening.

That is one beautiful sweater.