Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanks Giving!

Got a phone call this morning, "Mom, I wrecked the truck, but I'm okay!" Black ice on the road, the pick-up spun and hit the guardrail on the driver's side. She had speculated several times as to whether the guardrail would be high enough to stop her truck. What a wonderful thing that it did, or she would have rolled over!

A caring commuter stopped and invited her to sit in his vehicle while waiting for help. He told her that he tries to help when he can, hoping that if he ever is in a similar circumstane, someone will be there to help him.She finally sent him on his way, so he wouldn't be late for work.

When the highway patrolman arrived, he let her sit in his (warm!) vehicle until the tow truck arrived two hours after the accident.

Then a friend of my mom's picked her up at the body shop and brought her to my parents' place, so she could borrow their car.

She is aching tonight from the impact, but no major damage.

So many things to be thankful for!


AlisonH said...

Eee-YOWsers!!! I'm glad she's okay!!! Goodness goodness goodness, and thank goodness for the kind soul who stopped for her and the cop who stayed for her.

Christy B. said...

What a scary moment! Glad everyone is okay.

Margaret at Heritage Yarns said...

Wow... What a thanksgiving gift! Glad she is O.K. And what kind people.