Monday, November 26, 2007

slight hiccup in my knitting

I was blithely priding myself yesterday on how far the Rogue was coming. After all, I was on the collar. Not much more to go! The end's in sight -- you know that feeling. Then I held it up, and it was -- GASP -- DROOPY! I'd forgotten to change needle size in the ribbing just before the collar. I wanted to do that (hey, when you start changing patterns you have to keep doing it, you know!) to provide some substance for the collar. I spent most of the day trying to figure out how to frog the ribbing (and the patterning on both fronts) without frogging the 4 inches of collar I'd knit. Late this afternoon I carefully took out the last row of the ribbing, which detached the collar. Whew! I've now reknit the rib, and will reattach the collar tomorrow. The end is back in sight!

why is it that my winter wardrobe has slowly picked up more and more red, and my socks do NOT match? It looks as if I'm going to need to knit more red socks for me this year! Funny, but up until the last few years, red is NOT a color that has been in my wardrobe. Why the sudden shift? I dunno.

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