Sunday, November 18, 2007

Random Sunday

Back after a wonderful time at Nathan at Kim's, although we really wondered if we'd ever get there.

Took off Thursday afternoon, got about an hour and a half away from home and got a call that Howard was needed back. When he got in, he was informed that the funeral was scheduled Saturday, a half hour after Kim's baby shower was scheduled to start. After some discussion, we decided that I would drive up without him Friday morning, I'd drop him off at 9, and then head out.

Friday I drove about 40 minutes, and he called. The funeral had been rescheduled until Monday. I turned around (he protested, but hey! it is his grandbaby too!) and drove back home. He packed his things (again) and off we took. Those 2 trips took $20 in gas!

The third time was a charm, although I do admit to many apprehensions as we drove along. We got in and Kim's "bump" has grown a lot since we last were together.

That evening/early the next morning Serena got in. All of us were together! Yay! Nathan sent Tucker their bassett/lab dog down to wake her and was quite disappointed that it didn't create an annoyed yell. Perhaps that is why he didn't try it this morning? grin

The 3 generation baby afghan was presented, with many compliments and comments as to how neat of an idea it had been. One woman asked how I came up with it. I hadn't thought of that in advance, so just commented that one never knows how many items will still be created by any one individual, so it is nice to capture something from each now while they people are still capable of doing it. The baby sweater was also well received. After the shower, Howard and I headed out, we had 5 hours on theroad ahead of us, and he had a full day today.

We'll all be together again at Christmas, either still waiting to see grandtad, or to welcome s/he to the family. Kim is due the day after Christmas, who knows what the actual day will be!

No knitting done on the trip, which is a shame! I had lots of time (13 hours in the car when you count the first try), come on, I could have done LOTS!) but not a stitch. Serena's sweater is up to the underarms, so it really has entered the home stretch. I just need to get moving on it!

Just because, yesterday Howard and I bought some books for the grandtad. Books that our kids loved when they were tiny. Books that they recited (after a while) with us. Those books were well-loved and read over and over. Most my brother's wife's mother gave to Serena when she was a toddler. She was a bookstore manager and felt it was important to instill the love of books early. We'd already started, but she certainly helped out! So, we bought sturdy books. Books that grandtad can chew on, "read" over and over again. And Daddy and Mommy can read to them, and the words that our children loved when they were tiny will once again resonate with the new generation.

I've accepted the fact that I have 2 lots of yarn that I love, but the colors aren't right for me. One is a deep brown that is a cool instead of warm brown. The other is a taupe, again cool instead of warm. I MUST buy dyes and take care of these, so they can be knit, instead of gathering dust in my yarn box.

I also remembered today a pair of socks that I'd loved while living in New York. I'd knit a strand of worsted weight wool with a fairly bulky mohair/alpaca. Those were yummy socks too. Why not take advantage of some some the oddbits in my stash, and knit more socks with them?! Too pluses -- I get warm socks AND stash reduction! A win/win!

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