Tuesday, November 13, 2007


My favorite pair of winter socks has bitten the dust. I knit them out of Classic Elite Montera, a wool/llama mix that I acquired at a KnitNic in Niagara Falls. I just checked my records, they were knit in 99, so that isn't a bad run. But, darn! I'm going to miss them. Knit out of the Blueberry pattern, they were perfect for the drafts in the house -- keeping me warm, despite the cold weather. I almost asked Serena to bring more of the yarn with her when she flies out this weekend. I just happen to know that she has enough for a sweater... But if I make socks from it, she won't have enough.

Over the years they had partially felted, so darning them wouldn't have worked well. I was surprised this morning when I suddenly felt a cold area. Looking down, I had 2 toes that had worked their way through the top of the sock.

Now, what yarn can I use to make a pair to replace them? I want something that is going to keep my feet/legs warm, as that just isn't happening right now. Not sure why I'm consistently cold, but there it is. Sock weight yarn just isn't heavy enough. For whatever reason, the shins just ache with cold. Not my favorite sensation!

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AlisonH said...

I don't think I have any Montera left in my stash, but I'll be happy to look if you want. I made my folks an afghan out of it in BW's Tilting Ladders pattern a goodly long time ago. That was one really warm afghan.