Sunday, December 04, 2005

Serena is 30, miscellany

Saturday, Serena our eldest turned 30. She has crammed a lot of living in those 30 years. Did living with a chronic disease cause that, or was it her personality to begin with? She was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus as a Junior in High School (about 16), after wondering what was wrong since she was 12. Despite one bobble, when a doctor told her she was too sick to work or be in school, she has forged ahead. She's graduated from college, gone on to work in Minnesota and Colorado, and is happy where she is.

She helped plan her office holiday party which was Friday. This week she knit up a shrug to wear with her dress for the party. Unfortunately, in the rush Friday morning, it was left behind. She can still wear the shrug later!

'Tis wool wearing weather here in Iowa, as the weather forecasters keep talking about "Arctic blasts", and "wind chill" and the furnace labors to keep the house warm. We've turned down the temperature in the house, which makes the first floor cooler, and the upstairs cold. The computer room and the bedrooms are upstairs. I've taken to putting a blanket around me while I'm at the computer. It does cut down on computer time. There are advantages...

The USPS has it in for me. I have mailed 2 sweaters to a particular designer, and both have taken the scenic route to get there. The first was, admittedly, sent first class. It took almost 2 weeks to get across the country. The second, however, was sent 2 day mail. Five days later, it still has not arrived. I should have learned, after I sent a package to Serena, (one of the 2 day one rate boxes) that took 2 weeks to arrive. I think, from now on, when I need to send a parcel to that particular designer, I'll send it UPS. Serena's birthday card went UPS, as I was determined to have it there on time. It did.

I finished something you can see! I know, it is a shock to me as well! I knit the Parting Ways Socks by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer. These were great to knit, no errors in the pattern. They make a beautiful sock, which fits well. If I were to knit it for me, I'd buy more yarn, and make it longer, as I like my socks higher on the leg. I used Nature's Palette 100% Merino from Margaret.

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Serena said...

Socks looks good! And you can see them.

And I think I'm just ornery! :)