Saturday, December 02, 2006

Saturday Stuff

I've written both kids to let them know I packed away the stables. I've also suggested that they bring twigs with them, so we have stables that represent each of us, some from Minnesota, some from Colorado and some from Iowa. Serena has agreed, Nathan hasn't responded. She also suggested that she could help dig in the storage unit while she is here, but we'll have to see what the weather is like. The unit is unheated, after all!

I don't consider myself to be a fast knitter. I've read about people knitting an Aran style sweater in a week. I'm not in that class at all!

I have 2 sleeves finished, the second finished yesterday afternoon, just after the final yarn (color B) showed up in the mail. Whew! A sigh of relief, as I am trying to finish this by Christmas, even though it isn't a Christmas gift. I just want to see the two sweaters ON, instead of mailing them off to MAYBE get a picture later. I am almost to the first gusset. I can do this!

I just ordered the last of the presents for my secret pal. I have some small hand-knit things, and some purchased things in there. As soon as it arrives, it is going to drop in the mail. Hopefully it will be just what she likes.

Still waiting to hear about my victim in the Spin Me A Treasure swap. The swappees were supposed to be sent out December 1. Did anyone receive theirs? I want to start on that.


The Spindling Scot said...

Spin me a treasue has a hiccup as Wanadoo/Orange have been doing ONE of their back ups this weekend. Internet access in France being dominated by this company, we are at their mercy. Flore said she will email as soon as possible.

I too look forward to my 'victim'! The little Gem II is empty, stash has been re-plenished and I am waiting for the off....

Only a pair of socks and a hat left on the December list...yippee!

It depends on the Aran sweater, but well yes, a week or 10 days...


fiberfanatic said...

Wow Judy, do you spend the whole time knitting without break during the day? What size of needles do you use?