Monday, January 29, 2007

In the Mail!

I received TWO surprises in the mail today. The first is a wonderful package from Florence in Belgium. She was my gifting partner -- I'm not sure of the correct term, it was set up so each person A spun up 100 grams of yarn for person B and person C spun up 100 grams of yarn for person A -- in Spin Me A Treasure. As you can see, she also sent that necessity for a spinner --chocolate! Some candy hard and something that looks to be similar to StarBurst. There is a picture of the lamb that donated the fleece, her name is Gotti. Two packets of Easter Egg dye in case I don't like the color. And a note about her yarn. The yarn is Gottland lamb and bombyx silk -- there are about 380 meters in the skein. Yummy, don't you think? I had to do a closeup of the yarn, as it is exquisite.

Then, from my Mystery Skein Swap partner I got this! The idea is to mail at least 100 grams of yarn to your partner, who manufactures something from it, and mails it back to you. The mystery is in the fact that you don't have a clue what is going to be made from your yarn. This skein is wool that was recovered from a sweater. Decisions, decisions. My partner would like something felted, as she would have to felt by hand.


The Spindling Scot said...

I love the Gottland! So nice...
Sorry to here about the moths, I hate it when that happens.

Florence said...

hi Mary, I didn't see that message before..thanks! It's funny, the skein seams more beatifull to me then when I had just finished it!