Friday, March 02, 2007

Rain, freezing rain, sleet, hail and snow -- oh my!

This was Thursday evening, the car was sheltering the front of the garage, so we didn't have as much snow there.
I knocked off the icicles before the snow hit, just out of curiosity. This is after I did that.
The snow blew against the front door.
And it blew against the BACK door.

This is a small drift near the house, I liked the way the wind sculpted it.
Bless Mike for coming and plowing us out! You will notice he isn't using the small snowblower this time, but had to pull out the big machine!

See our car? See the drift behind it that is TALLER than our car? Aren't you glad that you aren't shoveling this out? I am! Blizzard warnings through tomorrow evening for our area. There were times yesterday that I could barely see the houses across the street.

Noon news announced that 15,100 customers are without power in Iowa. Most highways are still closed.

Nathan wrote that they had spent over an hour shoveling out their driveway, and the snowplow came through and put up a 3 foot snowdrift at the end of it. So he decided to go back inside and have a cup of coffee before preparing himself to go out and clear the end of the drive so he could go to work. Kim's work was cancelled, his wasn't. Thank God he made it to work safely.

Kim wrote later that Tucker, our "grand-dog" is having a hard time with that much snow, it is over his head and he doesn't like it! LOL I don't blame him!

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AlisonH said...

Oh, the New Hampshire memories those pictures bring back! California's looking pretty nice today, all the sudden.