Thursday, August 09, 2007

Changes in life

My dad is 93, my mom is 85. They have been in great health for years. Just before we came out in June, Dad was diagnosed with a sprained back. He hasn't done well since. Tuesday I got a call that he was being hospitalized. My parents have always been part of my life. It is difficult to be reminded that I need to cherish each day that I have them -- that my time with them is limited. There aren't any guarantees in life!

I talked with him today, he is doing better. It looks as if he'll be going to a short term care facility Saturday for PT. This has been stressful for all of us, but especially Mom, Serena and Annette (who flew in to help out.)

One would think that I'd get a lot of knitting done during this, but it just hasn't happened! sigh I did get one more square done on the baby afghan. "Only" 20 more to go! LOL

If you are planning to knit for the Red Scarf Project, the deadline has changed! The received to them dates are September 1 through October 15. I need to check my yarn database for red yarn....

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Crow Calling Woman said...

Hey you! I haven't been on Traino much...too busy for it!
I am gonna knit a scarf (eventually) for the Red Scarf Project too! I went into the stash and found the recycled sweater yarn that I have not touched since I frogged it and twine dyed mine a deep red. I am thinking about doing the "My so called Scarf" pattern as I have been gandering to try that one. I am happy to hear your Dad is doing better!