Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A cold with asthma

Sorry I've not posted, I came down with a cold the day after I returned, and breathing takes a lot of energy right now! Actually, I really thought I HAD posted in between, but it is hard to dispute the evidence!
While I was gone, there were a lot of storms that blew through the area. In the space of just over 2 weeks our rain gauge outside has registered 12+ inches. That is a lot of rain! I think the day after I returned Howard pointed this out to me. It is the suet feeder that we see outside the kitchen window. The wind had wrapped it around the branch from which it hangs.
On the knitting front, I'm knitting baby hats. Not for the grandtad to be, but for the nursery at the hospital where we all volunteered. I had 3 operations there, Nathan had one -- it is a way to say "thank you" again. The Bernat Baby yarn goes a lot further than I had expected, instead of 2 hats per skein it looks as if I can get 3. Oh my! In other words, I'm on my third, and by the weight of the first two, there should be enough to finish this one. That is a lot of hats, when you count the number of skeins I bought! LOL They don't all have to be knit at once, but I'd like to get a good-size number together before I ship it off. I wish the yarn came in other than "baby" colors (pastels.) Many new mothers (or mothers to be) do NOT want pastels!
While in Colorado I just "had" to go to Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins in Boulder (such a hardship!) Mom brought a book in to the store and read it while I browsed. Actually, I bought enough yarn while in Colorado that I had to ship a box home because there wasn't room in my suitcase! I also shipped home some books, as I figured that it was cheaper to do that than pay airline over-weight fee. After I sent it off, I worried, because the only things that have ever been lost or delayed in shipping are things that are heirlooms or knitted goods, and I'd included all of the remaining yarn for the generation afghan. Wouldn't THAT have been annoying! But the box showed up intact on Monday. I've gone so far as to open it and remove the books. Other than that, it sits beside the couch, waiting for me to have the energy to enter it all in my database.

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