Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Embrace, what?

I was going to write somewhere else "Embrace Life!" And had to stop. Because there are so many ways that meanings become twisted. Someone else may take that to mean something other than what I do.

My thought was that life is to be lived. I must not be so enmeshed in self that I forget the joy in small things, the smell just after a rain, the carol of birdsong as the sun rises: the beauty around me.

One of my great joys is knitting. The feel of the yarn feeding through my fingers, the particular feel of the needles in my hand, the fabric as it emerges. Much of the time I don't need to look as I knit. There is the feel of the pages as I turn them, and the ideas that emerge as I read. There is also the thought for the person who the knitting will go to -- prayers and love go into the knitting as well, I like to think that becomes part of the fabric as it grows. Sometimes it becomes mechanical, then it must be put away, there is no joy.

May you find joy in many things!

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