Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm back!

Baby afghan progress: 16 of 35 squares knit I suspect I will need to knit a border around it. As you can tell, there is still a hitch in my getalong with knitting right now.

For my friends who suggested Birkenstocks, I asked the doctor about it, he doesn't feel that they are good for the feet. This was surprising for me, as my feet love wearing the 3 pairs of sandals and one pair of clogs I have. I've worn my Birkies for years. Perhaps it is a symptom of working in Ithaca for a while? LOL Actually the clogs were purchased BEFORE I started working at Cornell. Too bad I bought suede, as the rest of the clogs are in fantastic shape. They really don't look good enough to wear in public any more. :-( As to why I have so many pairs of the sandals, well I need to have different ones for going without socks than the ones with socks, don't I? grin

Reach out to someone you love today!

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