Monday, August 13, 2007

Random Thoughts

Look what I found in the back yard while Howard was gone! It was growing on the remains of a tree or bush that was cut off at ground level. I don't know if the heat and lack of water caused it, as there haven't been any more since the rain started. I wish I had included something for perspective, the mushroom was 6 inches (30 cm) across and about 4-5 inches (20-25 cm) tall.

Why is it that out of obviously 5 sets of measuring cups (based on the fact that 3 are Tupperware and are in different colors,one is a plastic from another company and one is aluminum), I have :
2 - 1 cup measures (one aluminum and one Tupperware avocado green -- so you know their ages!)
2 - 3/4 cup measures (one orange Tupperware and one is a different shade of orange Tupperware -- different dye lots?)
2 - 1/2 cup measures (one aluminum and one white plastic from somewhere)
2 - 1/4 cup measures (avocado green and orange Tupperwares)
Does this make sense to YOU? LOL Perhaps it is time to toss all of them and buy several new sets -- I haven't decided. Did I send partial sets with each kidlet when they moved out? Do you notice there isn't a single 1/3 cup measure in the lot?!

I wish the dentist didn't instill such fear in me. It has been years since I had a dentist who could be considered terrifying, yet it is still difficult to go in. I do it as I'm supposed to, but sheesh, it is hard! I knit through the exam as much as possible -- calms me. Today, however, I ran out of yarn. Didn't expect such a long wait and wasn't prepared. This wasn't good. But I survived, and no problems with the teeth this time.

Howard was sweet and brought me back a pedometer from California. I'm trying to increase the number of steps in a day. It would certainly help if I didn't accidentally reset it several times during the day! I must say it is discouraging to look down and have it a MUCH lower number than it was the last time I looked! For example, this morning I had 199 steps on it. Later on I looked down and it said 4. Somewhere in there...

I know there was something else I was going to write, but I sure can't remember it now! I'll add it if/when I remember!

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Crow Calling Woman said...

OMG! We have the same problem witht he measuring cups! It seems to never matter HOW MANY TIMES we purchase sets...they ALWAYS seem to dissapear! It's maddening!