Saturday, August 04, 2007

Saturday random thoughts

I've been talking with Serena and Howard as they are flying home. Both airlines have way overbooked all their flights!

We had some wonderful, much needed rain today. According to the little rain gauge in the back yard, 1.1 inches fell this morning. Yay!

Thursday I drove to Fort Dodge to get a pair of shoes that don't hurt. I tried on 15 pairs before finding ONE pair in the store that didn't hurt! It seems dreadful that I spent more on this pair of shoes than I've ever spent before, and while they are comfortable, they are NOT lovely. They truly remind me of what is referred to as "old lady shoes." I had to get shoes that diabetics buy.

I haven't knit since Howard left. I don't know if it is asthma related or if it is frustration with the baby afghan. I do have a baby sweater started, but haven't worked on that either. I should have checked peak flow a long time before this. Um, to be honest, I've not checked YET. sigh

Oh dear, I forgot to post this. It is now Sunday morning, I've picked up Howard from the airport (YAY!) and Serena is home as well. Oddly enough, they both flew out for their last leg within 10 minutes of each other! Serena made it home while we still had ~20 minutes left to go on our way home. She did make several stops on her way: my parents' place then the grocery store -- the grandcats were about out of food which would never do! LOL

Gas was 19 cents a gallon cheaper about 42 miles south of us, which doesn't seem fair in the least! It was 10 cents a gallon cheaper about 13 miles south of us, but, since I wasn't going to run out of gas quite that fast, and the town further south is historically known for being even cheaper, I kept going until I could get it there. Whew! I wouldn't have been happy if I'd knuckled under the pressure of the gas gauge and had paid that much more!


AlisonH said...

Welcome home, Howard! Re the feet, I guess one of the advantages of being a northern California hippy-Earth Mother-Prius-owning-longhair-freaky-people type is, wearing Birkenstocks is the only way to go. I can get some that fit my 6.5EE feet and they are comfortable! They look so new for so very long that the cost doesn't seem quite so bad. Three years, worn all the time, and looking good.

AlisonH said...

Boy did that sound like a shoe ad, sorry!

Carol said...

I also love my Birks! Could it be because I'm a no-Cal-longhaired-wished-I-owned-a-Prius type woman? :)

I can also recommend Finn Comfort shoes for walking and wearing all day long. I'm really liking my squishy new Crocs too.

Good shoes for bad feet!

fiberfanatic said...

Can't wear my Birks (I have 3 pairs of sandals -- 2 for with socks) and a pair of clogs. Doc said they are not good for what I need. I wasn't happy to hear that!