Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Oh dear!

I woke up this morning with the idea for a new knitting project just itching to get started. No idea who it should be for, but the yarn, which had been purchased and designated for something else (an Anne Modesitt corset, would you believe!) wants to be a shawl! It even has very specific parameters. Now, do I pull the yarn out and start? I have so many other started objects going right now, it seems silly to start another! This should be fairly quick, and if it works out as I think, I may be able to get two out of the cone of yarn. But still.......

I think my mind had been thinking of the Red Scarf Project, but then it morphed. After all, this is red, angora, worsted weight (but I could knit it up on larger needles so it is cuddly...) Oh dear. Even as I typed I tried to wrestle it into another project, but the yarn is insisting on returning to its original purpose. But who does it want to be for? Sheesh!

Okay, I guess I will surrender to the inevitable. Hm, maybe size 13 needles? I knit loosely, so that is probably about right. I suppose the first step had better be to pull out the yarn. What do you think? I'm trying to tell mself that it will get that much yarn out of my stash fairly quickly... Just think, a pound of expensive yarn out of the stash makes an impressive dent on the total amount of yarn dollars at the end of the year! LOL

By the way, kudos to Howard! He took up the America on the Move Steptember challenge, and decided to take The Pacific Crest Challenge -- 10,095 steps a day for 42 days. So far he is staying near goal, two days over, one day just slightly under. YAY HOWARD! I'm doing the UK National - 4,644 steps per day, and haven't done nearly as well. I've managed to hit goal one day of 3.

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