Saturday, July 28, 2007

Friday's post a bit late

I had a fun day at the fair yesterday. Walked quite a distance to get to the demo place carrying a lot of wool, some drop spindles, and a travel mug with a beverage (it was HOT!) DH carried the wheel and more wool. I noticed as I was spinning that I do a lot of twisting as I spin. That must have a LITTLE health benefit, with all of the arm movement that happens! LOL

The children were interested in treadling the wheel, not spinning itself. I brought my wheel that is almost indestructable just because of that. The other wheels LOOK like what people think a spinning wheel should look like, but they aren't going to hold up to children. Um, there is also the small detail that I don't know if I can fit them in our car! LOL This one sits on the back seat, and can be fastened in with a seat belt. I spun up a rather heavy thread for each child that wanted one (they got to choose the color from the different ones I had on hand) and I made it into a bracelet for them. Some of the 4-H kids were gratified that I had brought wool from their sheep (from a previous year.)

One teenaged girl made about 5 feet of yarn, and seemed to enjoy it. She took my card, she may call for lessons. A college aged student and 3 adults also took my card. We'll see.

We then went shopping, and walked all over the store. DH needed clothes for the trip, of course where he needed to go was the very back of the store, then we needed something on the FAR side of the store (and they didn't have it...) On to Barnes and Noble, one of my favorite stores. Upstairs, downstairs, left, right. More walking. New books...

I walked more Thursday than since I broke that bone in my foot! The foot was sore, but not horribly.

We went to dinner, and I really thought I'd gone WAY over in calories for the day. But when I input the information for dinner last night, combined with the rest of the day, I was just barely under my minimum! I suppose if I'd been able to eat the sauteed vegetables that came with my order I'd have gone over. But after sending the meal back once because they had put stuff on it that I'm allergic to, it wasn't worth fighting. I just didn't touch anything that had come in contact with the vegetables. sigh When you are allergic to most herbs, just sauteing without herbs in the same skillet that you normally use doesn't get eliminate the herbs! We'd planned to go swimming after dinner, but it was getting late since we had to get up at 4AM. I don't do that (get up that early) for just anyone! LOL

As I drove home after dropping DH off at the airport, I had the treat of watching the sun rise over corn and soy fields. There had been fog in some areas after the rain the night before, it was lifting as I got there and looked as if there was a fire -- all these dark clouds just about tree level. Even more fun, I got home BEFORE DH's flight had even taken off! It was close, they boarded as I got the last things in the house.

I shipped the essential item that he forgot, to be delivered Monday.

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