Tuesday, December 21, 2004

White Stuff!

We have several inches of scattered flurries on the ground. Yesterday afternoon Howard called and said the rain had hit -- it was hitting as frozen chunks of ice. Oddly enough, the streets and sidewalks turned white first -- then the lawns. It then moderated to snow and DUMPED. About an inch in the first hour. Then it slowed down, but what a surprise! We weren't supposed to have any appreciable snow. Mike came by around 9 and started shoveling, he didn't want to hitch up the trailor and snowblower for this. His call.

He reminded Howard last week that a year ago the first big surprise snowstorm had been last weekend. Missed it by a day this year, but interesting. The weekend before Christmas may be the target for snow here.

Family time soon! Whee!

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