Sunday, December 05, 2004

groggy thoughts

Howard had his sleep study last night, the technician told him he will probably be a good candidate for the cpac (or however it is spelled.) If he can sleep soundly, and waken without a headache, actually refreshed, what a delight! I know he has not had a GOOD night's sleep in a long time. I guess the report now goes to a neurologist, who makes recommendations, and then forwards it to Howard's gp. I can hope! Wouldn't THAT be a nice Christmas present!

However, with him gone, I didn't go to bed until after 2, and he got home at 5:30. I'm a bit bleary. Hah! bit?

Did manage to get the loom sleyed and tied last night, as well as finishing almost both of 2 baby sweater sleeves. I cut off the yarn for the contrast color, to realize that I'd mis-counted, and needed one more repeat of it. That was the point I decided to call it quits. Today will be the other arm, and maybe the body? The hood and bands would be all that is left. I'm going to try to get everything to the store early this week, to start people thinking about classes in January.

Today, we need to work together some more, and figure out the brake. It is NOT holding. I can advance the loom without releasing it. sigh

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