Friday, December 31, 2004

Destashing -- End of the Year Thoughts

The end of last month, I managed to stay through my first guild meeting here. Second attended, first time the asthma didn't evict me. I'd been stash sorting before the meeting, and brought in a large garbage bag of stuff. It was fun sitting back and just watching people sorting through. Roving, fleece, yarn... everyone took something, and went away smiling. It was such a weight off MY shoulders, because those things are no longer in the "to be done" pile. Whew!

Then there is the Vivaldi Vest. Really neat pattern, really boring to knit 4 of the same thing! Okay, I exagerate, 2 of one and 2 of the other, reversing shaping. I tried to do all 4 pieces at the same time. Too many pieces of yarn, especially when I had the brilliant idea to carry the nonworking colors up the sides as I went. 12 strands of yarn attached to the same set of circulars. Um, no. So, I finished part 1. Getting close on part 2, and it has sat for a long time. A VERY long time. It was warm, I believe, the last time I worked on it. Checked with a friend and she would like it. I'll send it to her, she can finish it, and another thing off my shoulders! Whee! Too bad we can't get the projects we WANT to do done so easily!

Going in to the New Year, I have the following knit projects in process:

  • Serena's replacement graduation sweater (2 strands of Brown Sheep Naturespun Sport knit to achieve worsted weight,
  • Howard's birthday sweater that needs hem on the sleeves and bottom, and then crochet around the neck (should have been finished in November -- oh well),
  • several pairs of socks from a trade that need to be kitchenered,
  • my Lind, unless I finish it today. 7 3/4 inches of ribbing for the neck and sew the zip in -- possible. Still would like pockets -- still thinking,
  • fronts and sleeves of a Elsbeth Lavold tunic, back was knit up on the KM, hasn't bee touched since,
  • um, forgot the Unst Bridal Shawl started in merino -- time to forget it for a while? frogging sounds really good, it doesn't do anything for me,
  • Forgot my poor Princess Line sweater! I love it, and haven't managed to get past the hem, I don't think! The charting scares me, to be honest. Would be a good project to distract myself with!

Spinning projects in process
  • alpaca cria fiber that has now been washed that needs to be de-vegged, then spun,

  • merino from Belinda Daniel that is being slowly spun up (Love it, but I'm slow!)

To do:
  • put loom up for sale and actually get it sold
  • organize magazines
  • do an inventory of fiber books
  • do a fleece/roving inventory

That's enough, isn't it?

Tomorrow I plan to post my list of completed things for 2004. After all, I may finish something today!

May 2005 be healthy, happy, and full of joy for you!

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