Friday, December 17, 2004


My, has it been THIS long? Sorry Serena.

Still wheezing after Wednesday's asthma attack. Just moving around sets me off. grumble.

I've been charting a Scottish Glove pattern, I think Serena and I are the only ones worthy of them, and I don't know if she would wear them. Fine sock yarn, 84 sts around... An old pattern, gauge isn't given.

Graduation sweater is about 4 inches along -- 24 rows. Which means, I think, that I need to check row gauge, and make some pattern changes! I want to buy a digital camera, so I can show off!

Why are cars racing up and down our street? There are children along here!

I got some yummy yarn in the mail from Webs, and it is nice enough that I'll probably buy some for Serena. There are several choices, which do you think she'd prefer,,

Howard did shopping today, and I don't know what he bought. That's all right, I bought him stuff earlier in the week, and I didn't leave home to do it!

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Serena said...

I really do like the rogue pattern. I think of those three, I like it the best. The gloves sound like fun... This is what happens when you read the blog backwards. :)