Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Wednesday blather

We got a text message from Nathan on Sunday morning that he and Kim were in the ER, she was having severe abdominal pains. If you remember, Howard and I were both bleary/bleery? from his sleep study the night before. By late afternoon, it had resolved that Kim had appendicitis, very rare in her family. They were able to do a laparascopy, and she came home Monday. We drove up to help entertain Tucker (their dog) and keep him off her. I managed to finish the baby sweater, start a scarf for my dad in qiviut, and not much else.

Got home tonight, to very little desire to do anything. I know I need to change the sheets. I know I need to ... fill in the blanks. I'm tired. I'm wheezy. I don't care.

Wish I knew what was in the air between here and St. Cloud that sets off the asthma every freaking time! Or, if you prefer, from St. Cloud/Sartell to here. There were 3 areas that set me off on the way home. Whoopee. Have I mentioned lately that I really don't like asthma?

I'm glad Kim is doing better, Howard showed her how to cross stitch/back stitch/French knot today. She was doing a FANTASTIC job, really tremendous for a first project! I was impressed! I hope she enjoys it!

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Serena said...

Glad you're home, glad Kim's doing better. Sorry about the asthma. Did you have the personal air purifier on?

I got about 3/4 of my room packed last night before I'd had enough. The basement went much more quickly; I really dragged my feet at packing my room. We'll see how it goes tonight, but I may head back up on Sunday, and finish off, depending upon how well it goes tonight. Figure it would just be little stuff left at that point, that would fit in my car. And I could have Annette help at that point.

Love you!