Tuesday, December 28, 2004

This is my first laceweight! 50 yards, 4 grams according to my scale. The merino roving came from Belinda in Australia. Gorgeous, isn't it! I had serious concerns as to whether I was up to spinning something so wonderful. I'm using an Anne Grout support spindle to spin, and a David Reed Smith Susan for plying. As I fill up a support spindle, I'm winding it off onto plastic straws, which fit on my Lazy Kate for plying.

Lind has the body finished but for the collar/steeks/zipper and the sleeves are started. Getting somewhere! Hoping to pick up the zipper tomorrow.

Seriously confused about the days. I know it is the holidays, and Howard is on vacation, but he had to go in for several hours today. Last night I could have sworn that it would be Sunday today. Today feels as if it is Wednesday. Somewhere, my body clock has gone on strike!

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