Saturday, December 18, 2004

Saturday evening

Okay, football has taken over the season. 'nuff said

Started a glove (why do I keep typing mitten?) in 3 ply Kroy -- black and silver. Really looks good, even if Raider colors. For this family, should be orange and blue. Sorry, not in stock. I can do one row of corrugated ribbing at a time ( 2 colors, knit in rib) on size 0s, and then need to put down. "Only" 5 more rows to go on the ribbing. Then the "fun" part -- the glove itself. The burgundy/black or burgundy/grey just didn't do a thing for me. That's the problem when you have LOTS of black, silver, and grey in this weight of yarn! I really don't have too many other colors to add to the mix.

Have finished the first repeat of one pattern for Serena's sweater. Row by row...

Christmas is almost here! Doesn't seem real.

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Serena said...

Think I could live with black and silver gloves, even if they are Raider colors... At least they're not Packer colors... :)