Friday, February 04, 2005

Doll house fun

okay, I'm still having a difficult time over doll house colors. I chose the colors for our HOME faster! sigh I know I want the deep blue from Serena's room as exterior trim. I really think that for the whole house, it would be overwhelming. So, I guess I need to go to the paint store, look at the information they have on file for our house (aren't computer records great!) and then look at the paint swatches. I want to use the upstairs bathroom color in at least the kitchen of the house.

You see, part of the problem is I don't KNOW what this house is going to be? Already I'm pretty sure it isn't going to be strictly period. I think more of a reflection on a family that has lived there a long time. So you have older pieces, and then newer ones, rubbing along side by side. It needs to reflect the current occupants, but acknowledge those that have lived there before. Does that make sense? So, when I think of doing it as a Victorian, my mind blanks out. I brought this BIG pile of books home from the library today, to try to see what style I wanted. The end decision was no decision. sigh I wanted a bit of this, and a bit of that... pot luck?

Then, I had this perhaps hare-brained idea. The 40/2 linen Dianne gifted me with... what would happen if I knit dollhouse curtains or rugs from it? 4 ounces of any color should be more than enough to do anything, i would think! The question will be whether it works in scale. So, that is also on my "to-do" list. Don't you think a Clapotis in miniature size would be fun? Make it wider, and you have an afghan!

By the way, I have my revenge on the pilling Lind. (evil gloating, washing my hands together) -- I fulled it! The sleeves are no longer 2 inches too long, and the body is at my waist, but it isn't pilling! Thanks to Dianne who fulled her sample and has carried it around for several days without a pill. grrrr.. Next stop, knit it up again, allowing for the fulling? Would be a LOT easier to knit yardage on the machine, and full it. Wonder if it will work on mine? Probably not, but worth a try. At least it saves a disastrous project, and makes it possible. Second Lind hasn't moved in several days.

And the lovely yarn from Margaret is still calling to me, begging me to wind it, so I can do another clapotis. I admit it, my name is Mary, and I'm a fiberholic.

The auctions on e-bay continue, although we are noticing the prices listed for mailing, as generated by the post office, have absolutely NOTHING to do with the price we pay AT the post office. Inflation must have hit big time.

Having trouble sleeping tonight -- Howard asked if I was going to visit the computer -- my drug of choice. guilty, your honor. Cheaper than other addictions!

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Oh the linen would look very cool as drapes! Glad to hear the Lind fulling worked out well. The fulled sample I have in the purse still is showing no ill effects - about two weeks now.