Sunday, February 06, 2005

Sunday morning

I'm ruining my rhythm today, posting in the morning!

I have a new swift. Last night, I was trying to wind my lovely hand-dyed rayon/silk from Margaret There were some rude mutterings about the fact that Margaret's luscious yarns and I do not always communicate. I mean, I put them on the swift, and try to wind them into a ball. They, lovely, slippery, darlings that they are, would prefer to slide, and shimmy and do other things. I finally realized, saving more nasty thoughts Margaret's way, that it isn't HER fault. It is the swift. The posts to hold the yarn are too short, which means strands keep (in their lovely, silky way) popping over the top of the post, and convening a meeting with surrounding strands. Okay, we can deal. I'm threatening to change the 2 inch posts to 12 inches (!) and then gradually cut them down to optimal. This is ridiculous.

But I digress. I had started this rather late at night (I have been honest about my desire to start this, it finally grew to insurmountable levels.) Howard was going to come upstairs to bed soon, so I knew that if the frustration level grew, as it has with this swift, that I would stop.

When he came upstairs, I commented that I was glad he did, as I was frustrated with the project. The man, who has lived with me for 31+ years (so you would THINK he would have learned better by now) said, "You know, some day you are going to have to learn to stop on your own, you can't use me as an excuse to stop."

sigh. communication -- who EVER said we could understand the other sex?

Rain right now. Almost all of the snow has melted, after the last few gorgeous days. Then 2-3 hours of freezing rain this afternoon, followed by 2 inches of snow? I think staying home sounds like an excellent idea today, what about you?

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