Tuesday, February 01, 2005

February 1st

personal grumble alert! I hate ad days on e-mail lists. It seems a good deal of the posts that day are just that. And I'm trying REALLY hard to be good.

Lind 2 needs to be steeked (3 steeks) 2 sleeves, and a collar to be done. It has sat all day. I picked up the stitches for Caroline's Sleeves in Your Pi instead, because I didn't want to do the steeks. That's all right, the Pi is in a cashmere blend -- yum! I want to get it back to her, to see how she finishes it!

I forgot to mention the most scrumptious yarn that came in from Margaret at Heritage Yarns scroll down to the first yarns I have Day's End, a celebration of evening colors. It wants to be a shawl or another Sleeves in Your Pi (for me!) We'll see. I was SO CLOSE to winding it into a ball today, but was able to discipline myself not to do so. Barely. It is sitting in front of me as I type, tantalizing me. I must have willpower. Of course, the yarn from Periwinkle Sheep (yesterday's birthday yarn) and the yarn from Larry (Uruguay) is also calling ITS siren call. What's a knitter to do? Here is the Day's End -- you will notice it "happened" to come open this far. It is now on the swift, but I didn't wind it in a ball. Yet. By the way, this might make a really neat Clapotis too. Summerweight, for when the air conditioning is too much...

Listed the loom today on weavers-sale-ads group. I'd like to see it in a place where it can be loved and used. I suppose the inkle loom should follow, but I haven't done that yet.

Yesterday (a busy day, I'll admit) I also made a down payment on some of these
Alvin Ramer Super Mini Combs (bottom of the page) in cherry or walnut. I told Janet Lynn that either would be fine. Janet is a super enabler...Thank you Janet.

Would someone PLEASE explain WHY alarm clocks have a LARGE snooze button and a SMALL off? Guess how I found that one out. Howard's alarm. snivel

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Anonymous said...

The days' end yarn looks yummy! Where do you find these yarn sources? The site is one I've never been too..Yes I think this would make a wonderful Pi ! Sleeves or no - can't wait to see it made up. Very sad to hear about the pill problems with Lind.