Saturday, February 19, 2005

Satuday Whee!

Howard found my wedding ring! Actually, this is the third incarnation, as I lost the diamond to the first, the second had to be cut off my finger when I crushed the wrist. This one was a 25th anniversary gift, and a big surprise when I received it. Ask Howard or Serena for the story. I was totally dumbstruck, and forgot how to walk when he sprung it on me!

Anyway, even though I checked my jeans pockets repeatedly, I didn't find it. But, it must have fallen out of a pocket into the laundry. When the laundry was being done today, guess what surfaced, all clean and shiney new! Thank you for all your concerns! I cried when it was found. Big surprise.

We've pretty well established that Hobby Lobby is off limits for me. Too bad, as it is the only store with doll house supplies "nearby", meaning within 20 miles. But, 2 trips and 2 asthma attacks should say something.

One dollhouse bootie done, one on the toe. Actually, this is the 3rd, the second was whipping along when suddenly the yarn broke, dropping several stitches, with no way to pick them up. Die-aster! as the kids used to say before they could pronounce it correctly. So, I started again. sigh. When this pair is done, at least another 4 pairs to go. Luckily, they are going faster as I adapt to the 6-0 needles and size 80 thread. I, so far, find it easiest to work WITHOUT my glasses, with the work held close to my nose. Of course, that also means that whatever is on tv is heard but not seen. I have a choice between the glasses and tv, or no glasses and the tiny knitting. Guess which I usually choose?

Howard was a dear today and bought a student desk to permanently house the 2 ball winders and the swift. I'll get a picture of the set-up as soon as it is finalized. Both ballwinders (large and small) will be permanently attached to the top, as well as the swift. That way, they should be ready at any time to take yarn from hanks into balls. Right no the swift (or skeinwinder) is in pieces, awaiting new pieces for Howard to bolt it to the desk. That thing shouldn't be moving once it is anchored! That will prevent the suicidal walks from the edge the other swift took. Should also (I dearly hope) prevent the entanglements perpetrated upon the rayon/silk yarn from Margaret.

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Anonymous said...

Delighted to hear the ring is back! Yea!
Booties... for the doll house? Hum.. how many babies do these folks have?

The desk arrangement sounds great for winder and swift. I have been trying to get poor ol Steve to build me a "work horse" to hold mine. This is just like a rather tall sawhorse. I may just go and buy sawhorse brackets and make one myself. I am capable of measuring and cutting wood.

Question - how "big" a hold could one make in lacey knitting using bo and/or yarnovers? I have something in mind - like to have holes about the size of a soupcan.