Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I spell relief -- REFRIGERATOR! LOL As in, there is a new one in the kitchen, icemaker is working -- makes the same noise as the old one when the ice is dumping, but I suspect we won't have to pick out the ice with the bits of tube lining in them any more!

LOTS of room inside, right now, emptying the poor cooler into it, looks as if there is more refrigerator than could ever be filled! I'm sure we'll manage it. After no refrigerator since Friday evening, I'm so relieved! We picked one out, and less than 3 hours later it was delivered! WHEEE!

Talked with my cousin Larry today -- somehow he didn't get any of the e-mails thanking him for that glorious yarn. Sigh. We had a good chat.

"Borrowed" Howard's cashmere sweater today. He hasn't worn it all winter. I was cold, and downstairs. Remembered it, and put it on. Bliss. Light enough that it doesn't feel as if it is on -- but warm!

Classes cancelled again at Hancock, no one signed up. whimper. We are going to try again, this time asking people to sign if interested, and what times would be good.

Tomorrow we're going to buy some paints for the dollhouse. Hopefully I can do it myself. Otherwise, we'll wait for Howard to have the time.

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