Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Sometimes in life we celebrate life's SMALL victories. Today is one of those. Remember the yarn that was thoroughly enmeshed on the swift? I just spent 2 hours on the floor (to keep tension on the ball winder so the stuff didn't get any ideas and escape further) unwinding it. Of course, it wasn't easy. I bemoaned the Knitlister who has gone incommunicado who styled herself The Professional Yarn Detangler. I sent her a box of tangles once, she sent it back later (I paid postage for her) untangled, for the price of several skeins of yarn. WELL worth it! So, I sat down (or really, knelt) to work. Over, under, form a ball, and keep at it. Stop for occasional phone call, or mental health break.

As I untangled, I pondered. Margaret calls this yarn color "Day's End", but it can also be a metaphor of life. All the dark, stormy colors, the difficulties, the lighter colors, the clear yellow of day, with a tiny patch of blue, and you are in the darkness again. But you always return to the light. It is always there. And that gives me hope.

Of course, I also thought about the correspondence I had with someone regarding ball winders. I wrote to ask if the yarn could get caught under the shaft. The person wrote back that it should never happen, no matter the ball winder, because one should pay attention as one is winding. Which stopped me cold. It seemed such an
"interesting" response, allowing no other way to do things. I am WELL known for getting the yarn tangled in the gears. It was wonderful when Nathan was home, he either enjoyed doing it, or hated listen to me gripe about it. I don't know. Did notice that his dog absolutely hated the ball winder when I brought it up there, he whined the whole time it turned. Wonder if Nathan trained him to do that? I digress. For a while, Howard wound the yarn into balls, because he said it was easier than untangling it from the gears of my old ball winder. Well, I bought the big version, that will hold so much more. And you know what? I STILL can get the yarn underneath, but this version is easier to untangle. I guess I'm ahead.

We once again have a kitchen sink. It wasn't my fault after all. No green scrubby in any of the damage. But he found 15 inches of a clogged 3" pipe from the dreck of the years. And it had then caused the floor drain to clog "completely" according to the nice man who had to spend 4 hours at my house today.

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Maryellen said...

I have had tangles too. Once I put five skiens of freshly spun yarn into the washing machine to set the twist. I just threw them in planning on stopping before the machine started to aggitate. My daughter claaed the machine started to aggitate. The skiens got tangled and took a long time to rewind. But then I went and did it again. I'm a slow learner