Thursday, February 10, 2005

The moment of truth

Well, my Lind 2 hit the frog pond today. Big time. It just didn't look right. With the body done, it sat on the couch for a week. And shouted that it was wrong wrong wrong. I finally listened today. sigh

Dollhouse paints were purchased today, as well as some lights for said house, and a staircase. A staircase actually came with the house originally, but we were not able to get it to work, no matter what we did. On top of which, can you imagnine how unsafe it would be, to have a staircase without a handrail? sigh I have this frightening tendency to treat this house as if the problems were full sized. We also picked up some wood flooring for at least the living room and linoleum for the kitchen/hall/wherever. I'd have bought more, but the store seemed to stock mainly baby pink and baby blue flooring. Blech. The people in my house don't have that kind of taste.

Anyone know where you can get a floor loom for a dollhouse? I was thinking that, as I can't have a fullsized loom any more, that perhaps my dollhouse should. Don't you think that would be appropriate? I also want other fiber stuff, as there is a part of me that would prefer to make the large upper room into a fiber room, the people can sleep in the smaller room! LOL

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Yea on the doll house progress. I think a fiber room would be most essential in the house , after all these are reasoned thoughtful folk. The kind that weave and knit.