Saturday, February 12, 2005


I've gotten a couple of questions from friends, asking for definitions of terms I used. So, I thought I'd try to explain a bit.

A swift is used to hold the skein of yarn (when it doesn't come wound in a ball or on a cone) that replaces having a victim hold the yarn on both forearms while you wind it onto a ball. This site shows a variety of swifts. My original one was an Ashford, which had a distressing tendency of wiggling free of the clamps holding it down, and throwing itself off its perch. Over time, it developed several identifying marks -- the black electrical tape holding metal splints, reinforcing places where ribs had broken in the suicidal leaps. I recently purchased the one pictured on my blog, with yarn on it. The pegs have now been replaced, but I haven't had the courage to untangle the yarn currently on it.

Lind is a simple zippered jacket that I really like. Enough that I have made 1 and a half. Even if I did frog (rip out) the half. I'll be making it again.

My first Lind pilled. Badly. I was very frustrated, because it looked sad. Old, tired, and worn out. I threw it in the washing machine and then the dryer, shrinking it somewhat. Not seriously, enough to control the pills. And shrink it enough that I no longer have to roll the sleeve cuffs. In the fiber world that is called fulling. Other people call it felting. Or shrinking.

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