Saturday, February 05, 2005

Murphy is ahead on points!

A couple of weeks ago, the repairman from the appliance place came by, because a pump had gone out on the dishwasher. As he fixed it, he listened to the refrigerator as it growled and shrieked. Turns out the compressor was going. He told us to watch it. The thought was the poor thing would run more and more. We bought a new refrigerator thermometer, because the old one registed 40+ degrees in the upright freezer, I really didn't think it was a reliable gauge any more. This afternoon I noticed that it was warming up in there. After dinner tonight, we emptied the refrigerator, and filled a large icechest with the perishables that can't go in the freezer. I wonder if we will wait until after the trustees meet Monday, or if something will be done sooner. Luckily, the temps are supposed to drop tomorrow, so we can put stuff out on the back porch to stay cool too.

I've started knitting on 6-0 needles. eek. Right now, 2 rows of 35 stitches seems to be my limit. Then I put it down, and wonder where my sanity disappeared. again. Starting off with a dollhouse rug. I think. We'll see how it looks when complete. The dollhouse isn't together, isn't painted, and I'm doing what?

Had a returning knitter come by today to pick up the rudiments. She didn't remember how to knit, but within 2 stitches she had remembered and was working away at a scarf with a stockinette center and garter edges. Much fun!

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