Thursday, February 03, 2005

Random thoughts today, sorry!

Making Pain du Campagne (sp) and the stuff exited the mixing bowl more cautiously than a toddler leaving its mother! It is rising on the first rise, hopefully it will do better this time. Almost time to check. I put levain in the refrigerator for starter, since the taste improves over time that way.

Laundry. Lots and lots of laundry. How can 2 people generate so much?

Trouble sleeping last night, among other things in the waking time, I wondered about rearranging our bedroom with the bed in front of the windows. We don't open them anyway, would open the room out more.

I have found the best way for the telephone to ring is to be on the elliptical exercise machine. Just about a guarantee -- how do people know?

I THINK I've finally settled on the dollhouse exterior, I'm going to buy the white Magic Brik, and tint it yellow, for yellow bricks. We'll see how that holds up over the next few days.

Need to finish some projects so I feel free to start more!

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