Sunday, April 03, 2005

Ah yes...


I needed to take 2 things upstairs this morning -- a rickety rocking chair that is the only one we have that doesn't have arms (as an aside, why do rocking chairs NEED arms! I want them without so I can KNIT! no I NEED them without so I can knit and not damage my arms!) and I needed to bring up my tea. Also a necessity. A grave necessity. Ask any of my immediate family. You need coffee to get motivating? I need tea. (For those of you worried that it is my caffeine intake causing the migraine -- we tried that. I stopped the tea entirely. I changed tea brands. I bought new tea balls. I now wash the tea ball in the dishwasher after every use. None of the variations changed the headache. Hot lemon water to get motivating is not the same, but I tried.)

Anyway, the chair, the mug of tea, and I had gotten to the stairs. As an aside, I was looking lovely with my sunglasses (similar to those people who have had cataract surgery) on in the house, wincing at the sunlight. People outside are wearing their spring clothes, no jackets. Personally, I think they are deluding themselves at the forecast, as it is 43 right now, and no way would I wear short sleeves and a skirt without a jacket! I'm wearing jeans, denim shirt, t-shirt, heavy wool socks, clogs, and still chilled. You guessed it, I want my TEA. This migraine leaves me constantly chilled. I had dragged said chair to the staircase while carrying the tea. Started lifting the the chair with one hand, while the tea with the other.

Dilemma. This was NOT going to work. I made it 2 stairs with both. Terrible dilemma. Easiest solution, was to (horrors!) put down the tea! Otherwise, I'd have to go back downstairs with the chair! So, the tea went on the newel post (luckily flat, as opposed to the one in NY where this would never have occurred to me!) and the chair went trundling to our room. I didn't even move the furniture around for it before heading back down to rescue the tea.

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