Saturday, April 16, 2005

Knitting Class

Thank God for friends! Understanding ones! I was sub par for the class today, and they understood. There were times that _I_ didn't understand what I was saying, let along THEM! So, it helped that Mabel and Cheryll were there to translate Mary speak into something resembling English! One person picked up knitting on double points as if she'd always been doing it, which was fun to watch. It went from "I can't!" to "I can!" in a matter of moments with no effort on my part. Her daughter lay on the floor and knit away. I think part of the joy of this group is the pleasure they get in learning. All ages interacting, without barriers. That, and the "I CAN do this!" attitude, which can't help but carry them through!

I spent part of the class organizing my circulars, which had gotten into a muddled heap. I'd had them in something like a circular solution, and carrying them back and forth had tangled them seriously. So now each size is in a 2 gallon bag. That should help tremendously. Next class, the doublepoints! As the needles are being used as resources, I want them readily available, not hanging on my wall! But, I also need to be able to reach and get what I need! Still thinking about this!

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