Sunday, April 10, 2005

Better still!

Headache is almost gone, and the only real affects of the migraine still hovering are dreadful light sensitivity, fatigue, and a muscle tic in the left eye. But I'm much improved. Thanks to all who have prayed!

I've even really felt like knitting! We KNOW that means I'm on the road to recovery, right? I think I'll be at a point I can post pictures tomorrow. Today it doesn't look enough like anything to post.

Dilemma, I'm wondering about placing the little loom in the safety deposit box until the end of tornado season. I'd hate to have it blown around and broken. Are my priorities skewed? Fiber can be washed or replaced, the little loom can't. What would YOU put in there. The normal suspects, or course, but there is still room left over. Not enough for a full sized book, if I put in the loom. Ideas?


Anonymous said...


Delighted to hear you are better !! Lets hope the light thing goes away soon. On the loom.. hum I think I would put it away. If it is a concern, I would put it somewhere I felt it was safe.


Goody said...

I'm also glad to hear you are better-I guess I'm "de-lurking"-I enjoy your blog.
Last night's storm (I live next door in NE) had me opening the storm cellar and preparing to take the baby and run if we needed to...I didn't grab any needlework but I DID grab the case of baby formula and put it by the door because my needlework won't cost $120. a week ! So no, given our crazy weather here I'd put the loom in a safe place too.