Friday, April 22, 2005


This day has been an exercise in frustration. I woke up wheezing, but could NOT find my nebulizer. Now, as an asthmatic, I knew the season was coming up fast. So I laid it out where it could be found easily. I carried it with me last weekend for the knitting class. BUT WHERE THE BILLY BLUE BLAZES DID I PUT IT THEN? We searched. We looked. We dug. We prayed. I napped. The peak flow (air getting through) dropped. No sign. We started talking about ordering another one (5 days). I made a last annoyed comment how I had tried so HARD to put it where I could GRAB it. And there it was. On the stairs. Easily grabbed. Where I'd missed it all freaking morning. Sigh. I feel better now that I've nebbed. Thanks God!

Howard bought me one of those marvellous white fluffy robes for Valentine's day that you see in ads. I never thought I'd spend so much time in it! Talk about a new blankie! I sleep in it when I don't feel good, lounge around in it, pull it on when I'm cool, put it on after a shower! I highly recommend them! No WONDER they mention them in conjunction with spa days!

Started a very simple knit scarf for a May wedding. I can do this, I tell myself nervously. With the pattern right in front of me and no cheating, surely I can. No memorization to be attempted, the head isn't up to it. Something else that seems to be gone with the headache -- visualizing the pattern and seeing what is coming up. Another thing to talk with the doctor about Tuesday. sigh. At least I'm SEEING a doctor on Tuesday.

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