Friday, April 08, 2005

Another day, another IV

Well, Wednesday saw another IV. Blech. And the first nurse in the ER at the local hospital with who made me wish I was not there even more than I already didn't. 'nuff said.

Serena had great news yesterday, which has mitigated the light sensitivity of this headache. I am so thrilled for her!

2 mitts knit, another started. I have to be careful knitting in the round. If I watch, I get physically sick. I tried, knitting a lace pattern. Had to switch to stockinette. I know the recipient commented that she liked the patterns. No can do this year. Maybe another time.

Realized that the Viking chicken hat is due soon, must start that. White wool, I think. That's about all I have that would work. I refuse to go out to buy anything right now. Red heart would work, but I don't want to go shopping. So, it is stash shopping. Picture will go on the blog as it starts. Thanks, Serena, I think.

Even with the contrast down by 50% on the computer, the monitor is still too bright, and I can only be on for short times. Bye for now!

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