Saturday, April 09, 2005


Well, this past week I've managed to knit 3 sleeves to go under wrist splints. I started off as usualy, knitting with a pattern, but had to stop, as that made me nauseous. Stockinette for me right now. Anything else is just too much. Sigh. And sometimes that is beyond me. But there is pleasure in going round and around actually making something after all this time.

Next on the docket is the Viking Chicken Hat. The link is in to the bottom right. I suspect you will recognize it. It does look much as it is named. Originally for an infant, this is going to be the groom's presnet for a May wedding. From what I understand, he'll actually wear it too! Update with photo if we get one at the time. I'm thinking superwash in a cream color, 2 strands of Brown Sheep worsted which is a light heavyweight.

On the head, I realized today (after sleeping well ALL NIGHT! THANK YOU muscle relaxant!) that the left eye seems to think there is a train coming with the bright light shining in it. Now, how to persuade it that it isn't? That may be the problem, getting it to shut down the light sensitivity, so I can return to some semblance of what passes for normal in this life. I've noticed that I am always thinking there is a bright light shining, even when there isn't, but finally was able to pay attention enough to the fact that it is one eye. Maybe that is progress? I'm hoping! Also hoping that sleep via the muscle relaxant for several days (per the doc's suggestion) is the ticket we asked for, and I'll wake up much better. Remember the White Queen as played by Carol Channing in "Alice Through the Looking Glass"? "Much, bettah, Much baaaaat, taaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh" as she turned into a sheep.

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