Monday, April 25, 2005

Zinfandel yarn from Nature's Palette, musings

This yarn is scrumptious, and I'll be posting a picture soon. I'll get Howard to take it outside and grab some pictures of the scarf as it is growing. I think it is growing up nicely. The yarn has a great hand and flows nicely.

At 26 stitches a row, the scarf is coming along swiftly, unstretched it is already over a foot in length. Now, once it is blocked, I'd guess what, 15 inches? I don't want to lose too much width and it is fairly narrow already.

Clapotis is toddling along on the long side. I'll send it outside for pictures too.

We got my glasses adjusted today, as I noticed that one eyebrow was about the middle of a lens in my glasses. It seems to help some on the computer and reading, but alas! not for the migraine itself. We came home and I took a nap. Neurologist visit tomorrow. Last increase of medicine tonight. Yay! The headache itself is improved, it appears for shorter periods of time, but the nausea and light sensitivity continue unabated. As Mom said yesterday, that is 1/3 improvement!

Did a gauge swatch yesterday, the sweater is ready to hop on the needles.

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