Tuesday, April 19, 2005


All right, I worry about knitting. Its future. Crochet, I understand, is the new thing. Should be hot soon. What happens to knitting then. How many knitters will we lose? How many stores? How many books? How many of those just getting interested because it is cool will decide it would be more fun to crochet?

Part of me doesn't care. I'm not worried about the ones who are doing it to be hip. I'm worried about the ones who learn it and love it. Who will they turn to for lessons? What will happen to the stores who supply our ahem addiction? Will they only provide the novelty yarns, and then all of us are out? Will the new knitters go on and learn the joys of knitting more complicated patterns on smaller needles? Will they too advance to more time consuming knits? Lace, and the joys of a gansey? I hope so.

That's why we meet here every other week. And I encourage people to step just barely beyond their comfort level, to find that yes they CAN do it. Because we can't go the next step unless we TRY!

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