Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I'm almost dancing

turns out part of the headache has been the dreaded drug interactions and toxicity from a different drug. Feeling better today, but starting to feel a lack of sleep. Almost 2+ inches on D^ora's sweater body done now, just a touch more on the scarf, I'm reading about politics and life in 14th century England (and enjoying it -- New Oxford History book, ask me if you want the actual title), still fighting the computer keyboard to get the symbol for D^ora's name right, I have it set correctly, it will work in Word, but not in other programs, drat it.

Howard brought home the new M&Ms from the Dark Side, and they are quite good. I'm allowing myself to about 5 at a time, I've had 2 servings of them today YUM! I do wonder why they have to be dark COLORS as well, it doesn't seem to be fair to the M and Ms to be only dark and dreary.

A new use for the sewing machine today -- sew up new books for the dollhouse exchange. I need to do covers and end papers. I suspect that the needle I used will never be good for sewing fabric again, but it worked quite well to sew up the 27 books I got done so far today. I think I'd like to do an equal number of books as I did today, and finish the books for the trades. Then on to the cat toys. Next is the camping swap. All due by the middle of next week. I've signed up for one for next month and that is it. Tea kettles, 5 at this point.

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