Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Migraines are liars

Migraines are liars. They lull you along with a false sense of security, that you are getting better, then slam you. Now, I will rush to tell you that todays "hit" was less severe than previous, but it is frustrating to backslide when you start telling yourself that you are on the mend. Or maybe it is the painful truth that I am impatient. Whatever, I was able to almost finish teh chicken hat today. I finished 2 legs, but am still not happy with it. If you are counting, that means the chicken has now possessed 3 legs. One was removed and trashed. A raw chicken hat's leg should have been consumed, but I draw the line at that, so it was trashed. I don't go there. And I really don't want to volunteer it to BE consumed, thank you very much! In my inimitable way, I've also noticed that the legs seem to head different directions. Pictures to come tomorrow, once the camera is charged. I thought I had some life in the batteries, but they decided not.

A sweet thing happened today, I asked one of the quilters in church for some scraps of material to use in the dollhouse. She brought by a grocery bag FULL! And apologized that she had been interrupted before she could finish! One piece is perfect for a mosaic floor. I'm trying to figure out how to make a shiny surface out of it. I know, experiment.

New way of taking the medication is helping me sleep. That is great! Even though it is midnight and I am awake. The med just hit, you should have seen the line I just erased! Maybe I should leave it in the next time, for you to chuckle with me!

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