Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Fog in the Night

We had a heavy fog last night, and freezing temperatures. Absolutely gorgeous this morning, and I couldn't do justice to it with my camera. So, you are spared many poor shots. I hope the two that do upload look good this way! They are the overgrown yew bushes in front of the house. They captured the fog and were temporarily frozen. Of course, part of one shot also has the run off from the porch captured on the bush too.

How much knitting to take on a 4/5 day trip to Minnesota? Must take more than needed. Otherwise, I'll run out, and that would be a catastrophe! I'll also take spinning, because, after all, I'll probably want to spindle... I'd take the wheel, but Tucker would help too much, I'm sure!

Sheesh, Mom, why didn't you tell me that kicking the leg of the bed could do so much damage to a toenail? LOL You told me so many other things about my feet...

  • always trim the toenails straight across so the nails don't become ingrown;
  • allow plenty of toe room in the shoes so the toes aren't squished;
  • well fitting shoes make a difference to the way you feel all over...

WHY did you miss on that one MOM? sigh

All my good work to prevent ingrown toenails, and I have one. Bad bed. I'm going to have it taken care of in January, per the consult this morning.

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featherston said...

Ouch. My Mother has always had issues with those things. Good luck.