Sunday, December 11, 2005

Isn't it time to QUIT dear?

Last night, I was working on the second heel. And suddenly realized that one side had 5 stitches, the other had 7. Now, those of you who read this and knit will realize that I had MADE A MISTAKE. Sigh. Which first meant I had to verify that one half of 36 is indeed 18, plus 2 is 20, aloud. (I'm doing a round heel.) And Howard agreed with me. Which is a good thing, but still, I was wondering there for a bit, because, after all, where did I go wrong!

Howard said, "Isn't it time that you put that away for the night?" A valid concern, but, I also know that if I hadn't frogged it right then, today I would have picked it up, and started knitting, and probably gotten even further, and would not have noticed that uneven stitch count until it BIT ME!

Yes, I've learned, by sad experience, that I'm one of those people who need to fix an error NOW, not wait until the next day. At least frog it out, and then knit it back at another date. But, emotionally, it is better to get past the painful point so the next day is fresh.

So, I frogged the stupid thing out. Then counted the stitches several times to see that yes, there were 36 of them, which means that I didn't pay attention the first time.

And I knit the heel up again, then picked up the gusset stitches on both socks. So, the socks are on the downward slope. Here we go! Sharon, you still may get them this year!

I've been thinking of taking off the progress trackers from the blog. They are kind of fun, in that they are a way for you to see that I am or not following through with what I say I'm going to do. But, as a project is deleted from the list, it is gone for good. Instead, I'd rather have a "to do" list, a "finished" list, and not clutter up the blog with the icons. Since I have a website, I can link to that.

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