Thursday, December 15, 2005

Nathan Hunt Graduated!


Nathan, I know this has been a long, hard slog. Harder for you than many others, as you have had to fight attention deficit disorder. But you fought, and you won. No wonder I cried and applauded last night as you marched in. And cried as you walked across to receive your diploma. AND am crying as I write this. Hey Nathan, I'm SO PROUD OF YOU!

Something that I've NOT, not, not been able to blog for the last 2 months was that Serena decided to surprise Nathan and fly out here for his graduation. So, every single blog post has had to be carefully censored, lest I let something slip! The only one who DIDN'T know was Nathan. We managed to keep the secret until her plane landed! I believe the first words out of his mouth when he saw her were "You little shit!" Then they hugged. Serena will fly back home Saturday, then fly back for Christmas next week. She wanted Nathan to know just how proud she is of him, and that she knows how hard he had to work to get here. GO NATHAN!

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