Sunday, December 18, 2005

Mississippi River as seen from

Nathan and Kim's

in Winter

Mom and Dad wanted to see the Mississippi River from Nathan and Kim's house. So in an act of love, I stepped outside yesterday morning and took these pictures from the front door. I didn't go further, it was too darned cold! At that time of morning, as we were getting ready to leave to go to Uncle Hugo's and Uncle Edgar's Bookstore in Minneapolis and then drop Serena off at the airport, it was a hearty sub zero*F (-17.78C.) I wasn't going to go very far at all! It was so cold, that the shutter react swiftly as it normally does on my camera. So, I'd push the button (and no, I wasn't wearing gloves on that hand!), and it would take so L-O-N-G! for the camera to react! Anyway, the next picture is the scene directly in front of their house. The funny shaped thing next to the tree is their mailbox. On the river side of the road.
This is why they were able to purchase the house -- just down the river from them is a paper mill. The fumes from the mill blow directly into the house, depending on the wind, and make it hard on lungs. The dam to power the mill is just downriver of their house. See the snow covered piles of logs in all three pictures? Also, see the overhang of the house? I did NOT step out from under the porch! All taken from right there!

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Helle from Denmark said...

Ohhh boy.....that sure looks cold on those pics dear!!

Sorry, im not more active writing you.....a lot of things have happen here...and it's rough on us!

Did you ever get the mail i wrote back to you....a little while back....i have been bounced a lot as you I am not sure if you ever got my email!:-)