Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I'm feeling stagnant right now, as if everything is on hold. Partly the weather. It was -8 (-22.2C) degrees this morning with a wind chill of -25 (-31.6C). Does tend to cause the furnace to run and run no matter WHERE the thermostat is set. We are supposed to be warming up for a while though, and that is great.

More photos will be coming on the blue socks, as I realized that you really can not see a thing about them. Other than the fact that they are on a pair of feet and they are blue. Not good photography.

Made some wonderful shortbread last night, the simple kind, butter, sugar, whole wheat flour and vanilla. Yum. I was trying to figure out why I want to bake this time of year, Howard commented that I am trying to bring warmth into the house! I think he has a valid point!

Earlier in the week I made date layer bars. They are so much easier to make than in my childhood! Then they were a special occasion because of removing the pit from the dates. What a sticky long process that was. It seemed mom and all of us were coated with date sap by the time we had enough to start cooking them. Now, thank goodness, we can buy a package of chopped dates and start in. I tried adding the water and cooking in the microwave, but that was a mistake. I didn't subtract to account for the loss via evaporation. They have more of a delicate center than normal.

I'm in the mood for some absolutely brainless knitting. Maybe that is what I should be doing, instead of kicking myself for not doing what I feel I "ought" to be doing. There are some things on the list that fit, so I would still be sticking to that. Right now, I'm in the mood to read and knit. Not patterns that say "pay attention, will ya!" I suspect that unless I listen to my "inner knitter", I'm going to make some big mistakes. sigh

Hopefully I'll see you soon on the other side of this mood! P.S. It really wouldn't hurt my feelings if you commented when you read! grin


Howard said...

But I usually comment as we talk! Your conversatons as we sit and read, or watch the news, or you knit while I'm watching a game, are always of interest and generally create some thoughtful exchange, if sometimes more light-hearted. I continue to love you deeply!!


Serena said...

Sorry, I've been bad about checking blogs recently. But I do read them... Just sometimes I read several at a time. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, it's Gail from Evergreen, CO. I enjoy reading your blog, but never thought to respond. It is cold here too -20 yesterday -15 when I left for the school bus today. I think it freezes the creative juices -- been in a bit of a funk myself for about a week. I am ready to take my "almost argyle" socks off the needles and start something fresh. Maybe that will help -- it's also supposed to warm up tomorrow. Take care and keep blogging!

Mary Anne said...

I just started reading your blog after your post on the KnitList and I'm enjoying it very much. Reading back to the beginning is taking awhile :)
You've been having an event filled time lately. No wonder you feel a little unsettled and out of sorts. Perfectly understandable. Be gentle to yourself and it will pass, I'm sure.