Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sunset on the Snow

I have found a great way to take a photo of a rayon/cotton scarf! Take it out in 5*F (-15C) weather and photograph it in the snow! The sun and snow take a better photograph than the dark inside of the house, and the cold ensures that where you place the scarf, it STAYS. Of course, it would help if the idiot photographer (that would be me!)had checked before going out the first time and had put on her coat! After that slight mistake, things went much better! Here is the scarf, which will be in the 2007 Knitting Pattern A Day Calendar. If you can't wait that long for the pattern, let me know! I'm in the process of making it again in Crystal Palace Mohair, and it is working out well, but just as slippery!

1 comment:

Helle from Denmark said...

Ohhh, your scarf looks yummy!! Very nice work sweetie!